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About the Chef

Chef Aspyn is a mother of two wild-hearted children. She obviously loves to cook, but also roller skates, hikes and creates multi media art in her spare time. She is following her dream of staying creative in the kitchen while being able to positively impact the lives of those around her through delicious and healthy meals.


Family is the heart of my journey.

  • Institute for Integrative Nutrition

  • Women's Economic Ventures

  • SBCC Culinary School

With a great leap of faith and a little encouragement from a mentor, I enrolled at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. My experience learning about food and health was a crucial part in developing the skills I now rely on so heavily in my work. Since graduating in 2012, I have also attended SBCC's Culinary School and the Entrepreneurship Training at WEV. 

Building the Dream

Changing lives. Multiplying the impact.

I began my work as a Santa Barbara private chef seven years ago, taking care of families struggling with various health issues ranging from cancer to Crohn's disease. Many of these families I still cook for today. Through this experience, I recognized that many people with compromised immune systems feel safer with less contact and although they love the food, another person in their home wasn't always practical.  This is where food deliveries made sense, they still have access to fresh, healthy foods even when their lives are filled with doctors appointments, in home nurses, surgeries etc.

Growing the Dream

These days you are likely to find Chef Aspyn working along side her sister Alexis, building culinary delights and catering small events that range from fancy High Tea, fun baby showers, to casual dinner parties.  Aspyn still works with private clients revising special dietary plans for optimized post surgery healing, and enhanced athletic performance, while growing the catering business. 


My food journey started with the birth of my daughter. As a young mother I knew I wanted to raise her with a healthy relationship to food but I knew very little about it myself. At the time I was blessed to be working for a small organic mom and pop kitchen in Ojai where I began learning the art of gluten free baking and vegan desserts. This was the beginning of my baking career. As the years went on and the obesity crisis became more prevalent, my desire to change my food focus started drawing my attention away from sweets and into the world of nutrition.

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