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Afternoon Tea Catering 

Coffee & Tea Service

a selection of teas, cream, sugar


Assorted Scones & Pastries

with clotted cream, lemon curd and jam 

Finger Sandwichs

Prosciutto, Bri & apple

Chopped turkey, shallot, tarragon & crushed almonds

Lox with creme fresh on pumpernickel with chive & lemon

Cucumber & herbed cream cheese

Ham & Gryuere 


 Caviar Deviled Eggs

with a variety of toppings: caviar, mustard, dill, radish etc


Tart & Cookie Bar

Chocolate mouse with whipped cream

Lemon curd & raspberry

Salted Chocolate chip cookies

Mexican wedding cookies


Add on:

Caviar on Bolini

with creme fresh, chives, lemon

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